The Great Bank Robbery Game

The Texas Midlands Bank stands on the outskirts of town. Isolated, sparsely guarded, and loaded with gold, the wealth of those foolish enough to invest here is ripe for the taking. That’s where you come in. As an infamous outlaw, you’re accustomed to the trials and tribulations that come with bank robbing. And though this particular job seems easy, an outlaw can never drop their guard. Keep your wits about you as you enter this bank, partner – you never know how things are going to go down in the Wild West.

The Old West’s territory has passed hands on numerous occasions. In fact, the city of Jamestown, which was settled in 1607, was once called Acoma Pueblo and located in the region that now constitutes modern New Mexico. It was originally established in 1150 A.D., making it the oldest North American community in history. Today it is recognized as a Native American sanctuary, home to some 4,800 tribal members, and known as their ‘Sky City.’

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