Popular Adventure Quest Games

The idea of a hero going on a quest has been explored in both film and television, but the adventure quest game peaked in the early 1980s and maintained its popularity throughout the 1990s. Colossal Cave Adventure was one of the first adventure games, and, after its release in 1976, sparked several other adventure game concepts like King’s Quest and Myst. As technology became smarter and graphics more absorbing for players, the adventure game format changed many faces. It is now a multi-million dollar industry gripping players from around the world.


Our Quest Quizzes

Some of our quest adventure quizzes are based on popular culture or well-known franchises. You can play them online for free to see how savvy you are when it comes to making some on-your-feet decisions. If you’re in the mood for a mystery, try The Curse to see if you can solve the disappearance of a woman from the sleepy seaside village of Spring Harbor. Or maybe you’re in the mood for cracking codes and solving clues? If so, get ready to get transported to Japan to help Agent Mia on her mission. Have a go at our quest quizzes below!

Adventure Game Concept

The adventure game, as we know is today, is traditionally a video game in which the player takes on the role of hero. He/she is often able to create their own character or pick from an array of characters to play. The story is narrative-based, which means that both text and graphics are used to tell a story. The game is sometimes designed to accommodate multiple players, but many of them can also be played solo. The game allows for the player to input commands and interact via point-and-click interfaces.

Quests are usually seen in role-playing games, and rewards come in the form of game-currency, access to extra levels/locations or an increase in the character’s skills and abilities. The player is often allowed free-play, which means that they get to choose where they go and what they do while on their journey to complete the mission.

Adventure quest

The storylines of the games are so advanced that the player is required to complete certain missions to get a reward. The player may be on a mission to save someone, deliver an important piece of information or tools, gather items, escort weaker characters out of dangerous situations, or battle enemies. Sometimes, the quest incorporates a little bit of everything and the player must perform a number of tasks to make it through.

Popular role-playing & multi-player online games!

Role-playing games are based on the same premise as early table-top games like Dungeons & Dragons. Players have control of a character or multiple characters and they embark on a series of quests. They engage in missions and combats that involve solving puzzles and testing their abilities to collect certain skills which enable them to grow. Role-playing games possess well-developed storylines in which the players have to save the world. Many of these stories often have twists and turns that become entangled and players can become friends or enemies. The genres of these types of games are typically fantasy or sci-fi and they allow the players to suspend reality. Some of these games have a gamemaster who sets the rules and settings of the story. In a multi-player videogame, players inhabit the same environment at the same time and pass information to one another. Some popular multi-player games include World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.

Adventure quest worlds

Multi-player games allow a network of players to play together no matter where they are in the world. Players compete against one another or work together to achieve a common purpose, some even supervise other players.