The Agent Mia Mission

Welcome, Agent Mia. Agent Chloe, a good friend of yours has gone missing. Your agency, The Lighthouse, is deeply concerned and needs your help! You'll need to crack some codes, follow the clues, and help your friend escape the clutches of an evil villain! There are plenty of challenges awaiting you, Mia — can you rise to meet them?

You may think that certain aspects of spy films are ridiculous, particularly when it comes to disguises – but they’ve been working for centuries! Take Karl Schulmeister, a spy for none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. One instance saw him fleeing perusing Austrian soldiers who chased him into a boarding house. Upon arriving inside they were greeted by a barber, who said that the spy had run upstairs. After they’d left, Karl ditched his barber disguise and fled the scene. Some serious ‘Catch Me if You Can’ vibes right there.