The Queen: A royally fun quiz

She’s been part of the British and Commonwealth fabric for as long as we can remember and for many, is a much loved and treasured figure across the globe. Her extraordinary reign, her devotion to the crown and her continuous vigour (despite being in her 90s), places her at the heart of British culture…but how much do you really know about Her Majesty? To pay tribute to Britain’s longest and oldest-reigning monarch, we’ll test your royal reverence with our royally fun 20-question quiz.

Did you know that the Queen is the only person in the UK who does not require a driving license, even though driving licenses are issued in her name? She worked and trained as a driver and mechanic during World War II, but bizarrely never needed to take a driving test and has since been allowed to drive without the usual permits. Among her many privileges, she can also drive her state car without a number plate.

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