What Kind of Introvert Are You?

Introverts are not all one and the same, and there are many variants of this personality trait. Introversion is measured on a continuum - so some people can be completely introverted, while others are introverted with various levels of extroversion. Perhaps you don’t like being the center of attention at a party but still feel a need for social stimulation in certain settings or scenarios. Maybe you’re the type of person that appears outgoing and talkative, but you like to recharge in the peace of just your own presence. By answering ten simple multiple-choice questions, this personality test will determine the type of introvert that you are. Let’s get started!
According to the Big Five Personality Assessment, the main characteristics of extroverts include warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, and excitement-seeking. On the flipside, the key characteristics of introverts are interpersonal distance, reservation in social settings, shyness, passivity, and self-control. If you’re an ambivert, meaning you fall exactly in the middle of the extravert-introvert scale, then you’re likely a blend of these traits.

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